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How to study the competition and beat the best No one could dispute two statements regarding online trade in our country. The first is that it continues to develop at a breakneck speed, and the second is that there is no longer a vacant niche in which at least one well-developed online business is missing. Who are your direct competitors and at what prices do they sell? You've all heard that when you take on building an online store, you need to know your competition well. But do you know how to conduct research and how to determine who your competitors are? The easiest way is by seeing who offers the same goods and services as yours. You'll narrow the circle even further if you weed out those who have a similar business model and use the same pricing as yours. It is important how they sell - cheap, expensive and whether the quality corresponds to the price and service. Keep track of how often they organize discounts and promotions. You'll judge how successful they are by a variety of indicators, the most notable of which are out-of-stocks and the campaigns they repeat the most. You will also be guided by what to use - promotional codes for a discount, free shipping or something else. Where they prefer to advertise and what customers think of them Your direct competitors must have a target audience that is close to yours. Read reviews and comments about them on various social media, platforms and forums to understand why users like them. You will also learn useful information about how your competitors process orders and what tactics they use in communication, service and delivery. When analyzing the ad visions of others, think about what makes you superior to them and what you can work on to get ahead of them. Carefully study the possibilities of all advertising channels. At the very beginning, every business trusts Facebook and Instagram, which enjoy the greatest popularity in our country. Since you will be relying on organic traffic that comes from search engines, don't forget about the all-important SEO optimization. In order to be able to constantly monitor the competition and reap benefits, limit the list of "suspects" to no more than 6 online stores. Identify their pros and cons. Among the negatives, you can put a difficult to use site, high prices, poor communication. Among the positive leaders should be unique products and services, loyal customers, good support.

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