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Assignment and execution of a project Before assigning a project for implementation, it is necessary to first familiarize us with the goals of the site or the software you want us to build. After we are familiar with the requirements for your project in detail, we send a basic or specific offer with a price and deadlines. A bilateral contract is signed between the assignee and the contractor, which comes into force after the transfer of an advance payment by bank transfer in the amount specified in the contract. In most cases, the down payment is 50%, but in some cases it can be 25%, 75% or 100%. Attached to each signed contract is "Appendix 1", which is an integral part of it and which describes in detail all the requirements of the contracting authority and points to which "Mob Web Limited" undertakes to carry out. If there is a need to create functionalities not included in Appendix No. 1, and respectively a need for additional programming hours, an additional agreement is concluded. Domain and Hosting Domain and hosting are rented by the GOVERNOR, and for Bulgaria we recommend hosting company "Mob Web Limited". If necessary, we assist in their purchase. Stages in project implementation Stage 1 – Choosing a design (ready-made template or custom graphic design), sending the CONTRACTOR a detailed and structurally prepared navigation of pages, categories and subcategories of the site, as well as textual information about the individual pages, with the CONTRACTOR checking the files and confirming to the CONTRACTOR that the files meet his requirements and needs; Stage 2 - Examining the assignment in detail and commenting with the AUTHORIZER; Stage 3 - The registration of a database (MySql or MariaDB) by the CONTRACTOR; Stage 4 - Preparation of a mockup of the website's vision and approval by the CONTRACTING PARTY; Stage 5 – Programming of the website by the CONTRACTOR according to the requirements of the CONTRACTOR; Stage 6 – Internal release of the website in the company CONTRACTOR; Stage 7 – Quality assessment and, if necessary, assignment of debugging tasks; Stage 8 – Debugging; Stage 9 – Quality assessment; Stage 10 – Issuance of the product to the SUPPLIER; Stage 11 - Preparation of a list of recommendations from the client's side for the functionalities specified in an appendix to this contract; Stage 12 - Review and test of functionalities by the AUTHORIZER; Stage 13 - making corrections by the CONTRACTOR, in case the CONTRACTOR finds non-compliance with the requirements of the assignment; Stage 14 – Re-examination and test by the CONTRIBUTOR and finalization of the website in a test environment; Stage 15 - Transfer of the software platform for the website to a server specified by the CONTRACTOR; Stage 16 – test of the functionalities of the website in a real environment and debugging, if necessary; Stage 17 - Signing of a handover protocol for handing over the finished website, developed completely and exactly according to the CONTRACTING PARTY's requirements; Stage 18 - Final payment; Warranty Service 1. The CONTRACTOR, at his own expense, provides the CONTRACTOR with warranty service within the terms mentioned in the contract in the event of errors, defects and bugs after the transmission of the website with a handover protocol. 2. The deadline for eliminating a problem that has arisen is mentioned in the contract. The term begins to run from the moment of notifying the CONTRACTOR by e-mail within working days. Notification email "shop@mail.bg"

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